About Us


 The possibility of starting a new church work in Chehalis had entered the minds of a few men from Mountain View Baptist Church.  After much prayer they presented their desires to the board at a meeting held on January 13, 1970. At a later meeting held on March 3, 1970, a motion was made, seconded and carried that they be constituted as a New Testament Church. It was then moved, seconded and carried that they apply for affiliation in the Conservative Baptist Association of America. All present voted in favor of the motion.  The group then agreed that we give the church the name “Chehalis Valley Baptist Church.”

Chehalis Valley Baptist Church, with a charter membership of 20 held their first services on April 5, 1970, at Scout Lodge. There was a total of 13 Speakers before Pastor Don Johnson was called and became the first Pastor of Chehalis Valley Baptist Church on September 6, 1970. There were a total of 30 charter members at the end of the charter date.  1973


    On April 9, 1972 the property at Brockway Road was dedicated and the construction began  June 1973. After the completion of the building, the first service was held on March 7, 1974 and was dedicated a month later on April 7, 1974.

    After being in the building on Brockway for a number of years the Church went through a change of personnel and Pastors. Late in 2008 the doors of the Church were at risk of being closed.  Instead of closing the doors, the leadership of the Church decided to give the building to Mountain View Baptist Church.  After much prayer the doors would remain open under a new name and three Pastors in April 2009. Alan Woods, Dave Knepper and Josh Holland would lead the Church, “Anago”, which meant “To Lead Upward.”

    After shepherding the Church for a year God started to direct the path of each of the three Pastors. Dave Knepper would join the staff at Mountain View Baptist Church eventually become the youth Pastor. Alan and Josh would share the load of this ministry under yet another name, “Trinity Christian Fellowship.” Josh felt that the Lord was calling Him to step down while he finished his college training leaving Alan to become Head Pastor.  Josh later received his degree and also joined the staff of Mountain View.

    While remaining under the leadership and guidance of Mountain View for four years, the time would come when Trinity Christian Fellowship would have to stand on its own and become an independent church. After the leadership at Trinity presented their desire to the Deacon Board and Elders of Mountain View, the idea was accepted and was made know at the annual business meeting held on January 27, 2013. A charter was drafted and presented to the Church on February 3, 2013 and would be open for a period of six months starting February 10.